Public Involvement

A vital part of the stewardship plan is input from the public and area stakeholders. By participating in the process, residents, business owners, community organizations and even visitors to these areas can offer ideas and recommendations to assist in establishing a plan and comment on the concepts developed during the planning process. Throughout the master planning process, there will be a variety of ways to participate:

February 15-17, seven Focus Group Meetings, one focused on Bismarck Lake and 5 focused on Little Spearfish Canyon, were held with the following themes: Custer Area Agencies, Wildlife, History and Conservation, Spearfish-area Agencies, Recreational Interests, Tourism and Chambers of Commerce, and Spearfish Area Business Owners. The seventh meeting was held with Bismarck Lake permittees. 27 people or organizations participated in the seven different meetings out of the 67 people or organizations invited.

The master planning team looks forward to hearing your ideas at the public meetings or reading your comments on the master planning process and the future of the Spearfish Canyon and Bismarck Lake areas on line. Your input will help establish a vision for the project and shape the master plan to provide guidance on the resource management protection and improvement standards for these areas for generations to come.